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Why Is My Skin Sagging?

Jun 20, 2024
Why Is My Skin Sagging?
Is saggy skin bothering you and maybe even making you feel self-conscious about your appearance? We discuss common causes of skin sagging and how to address it here.

Have you noticed that your skin is starting to droop and lose its fullness and elasticity? Many people are susceptible to sagging skin, especially as they age. 

A number of factors go into how firm or saggy your skin is, including age and lifestyle habits. And while sagging skin doesn’t affect your health in any way, it can cause some people to become self-conscious about their lack of skin tightness. 

If you’re not quite sure why your skin is sagging or how to treat it, Alan Greenberg, MD, and the rest of our team at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery in Frisco, Texas, wants to address these concerns in this month’s blog. 

Common culprits of sagging skin

Unfortunately, skin sagging is just a natural part of aging. The production of two vital proteins associated with skin firmness — collagen and elastin — starts to decline as you age. Not to mention so does hyaluronic acid, a molecule that helps your skin retain moisture and stay firm. Once you hit the 35-40 age range, you’ll probably start to see a decline in how tight your skin is.

Another common cause of saggy skin is significant weight loss. When you have a high body mass index, your skin stretches to accommodate it. However, this can damage the collagen and elastin. So, if you lose a lot of weight, the excess skin isn’t able to snap back into place and begins to sag. 

A lot of sun exposure or use of tanning beds can also lead to premature skin sagging. The UV rays from sunlight and tanning beds can cause damage to the elasticity of your skin, causing it to sag. 

Your treatment options for sagging skin

There are a few things that you can do on your own to promote firmer skin. These things include exercising to increase muscle mass, using firming creams or retinoids to increase collagen, and taking collagen supplements to replace lost collagen. All of these methods can firm up skin in their own way. 

If you find that these home remedies aren’t firming up your skin as effectively as you’d like, we do offer skin tightening treatment at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery, specifically the Renuvion® skin tightening method. Dr. Greenberg was the first practitioner in North Texas to offer this cutting edge technology that provides a much firmer appearance. 

During Renuvion skin tightening, Dr. Greenberg makes a few small incisions around the targeted area before placing a wand underneath your skin. The wand then sends out a unique combination of radiofrequency energy and helium plasma to your collagen-rich tissues. The energy is able to contract the collagen fibers and pull your skin closer to your muscle, resulting in tighter skin. 

To learn more about Renuvion skin tightening or any of our other aesthetic treatments, schedule an appointment by calling our office or using our online booking feature today.