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Who’s a Candidate for Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Jan 12, 2024
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Are you ready for a stomach that looks flatter and tighter? Then a tummy tuck may be right for you. Find out if you qualify for a tummy tuck here.

Have you been trying to get that slim and flat looking abdomen to no avail? Maybe you’ve been trying to tone your stomach by doing exercises like sit-ups or making changes in your diet, but your tummy just isn’t as taut as you’d like. 

Thankfully, there’s plenty of cosmetic procedures that can address excess fat and skin around your abdomen area, including what’s referred to as a “tummy tuck.” This surgical procedure is able to flatten your stomach by removing extra fat and tightening your abdominal wall.

At North Texas Cosmetic Surgery in Frisco, Texas, our team led by board-certified cosmetic surgeon Alan Greenberg, MD, offers tummy tucks to eliminate stubborn fat and boost your self-confidence. 

In this blog, we review more information on this cosmetic surgery, including who qualifies for the procedure. 

Who can benefit most from a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck may not be suitable for everyone. If you have small amounts of stubborn fat around your abdomen area, liposuction may be a better procedure for you.

However, if you have a lot of excess or sagging skin and muscle due to having multiple pregnancies or losing a significant amount of weight, a tummy tuck is a great option for tightening your abdomen when diet and exercise alone aren’t doing the trick.

It’s also important to note that you should not consider a tummy tuck if you’re planning to become pregnant in the future or you’re still working on your weight loss goal. A tummy tuck is not an alternative to weight loss and should be treated as a last resort when other weight loss methods have failed at reducing stomach fat.

What to expect from a tummy tuck

While many cosmetic surgeons still use traditional tummy tucks called an abdominoplasty, at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Greenberg uses a more minimally invasive approach — called a lipo abdominoplasty — for tummy tucks, meaning you’ll have less downtime along with reduced surgical risk and cost. 

A lipo abdominoplasty actually combines liposuction and a tummy tuck in order to achieve maximum results. This procedure starts by using liposuction in all areas around the abdomen to eliminate exercise-resistant fat. 

The next step is the tummy tuck itself. Dr. Greenberg makes an incision in your abdomen and removes the excess skin while also tightening the abdominal tissue. Depending on the technique he uses, he may also reposition your belly button.

Typical tummy tucks require a post-surgical drain; however, the suturing technique used in a lipoabdominoplasty doesn’t need a drain, making recovery much faster and more pleasant. 

To learn more about the cutting edge method we use for tummy tucks or to find out if you’d be a good candidate for one, request a consultation with our team by calling our office at 972-382-5611 or by using our online booking tool today.